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Bad boys who are cheating on their lovers are supposed to be punished, one way or another, so this gay guy’s lover is about to do something very nasty to his ass hole. Knowing that his lover doesn’t like too big dildos stretching his ass hole, this guy has brought the biggest one he could buy, to spice up his gay ex boyfriends revenge plan. Once he turned his cheating boyfriend on, instead of fucking him from behind, he showed the dildo up his ass. This gay ex boyfriends revenge was just a beginning of the whole plan.

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Tomas finds two guys to heal his love wounds

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Ever since he found out that his boyfriend was cheating on him Tomas has been feeling rather down, and you can imagine how happy he was to hear about Gay Boyfriends Revenge project. While he did not have a homemade gay video of his partner to share with the world, he opted for a different approach, he’s gonna cheat as well, and not with one, but with two partners, both better looking and both with bigger dicks then his previous partner, he made a great gay boyfriends revenge three way sex scene.

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Sexy boyfriend’s video gets leaked

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Tommy does look like a real angel, with big blue eyes, fine slim figure and dick that would make girls faint, but he’s got a secret that’s about to be unveiled on gay ex boyfriends revenge, because his partner caught him with another man’s dick in his mouth, that merits a mean response, and the response is for this solo masturbation video to end up on gay ex boyfriends revenge site for anyone to see. If he doesn’t behave, there are many more amateur gay videos that can be published.

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Latino gay boyfriend strikes back

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Doing an exciting 69 with his new lover was even more spicy for this Latino guy, because it was all part of his gay boyfriends revenge and it was all filmed. He was furious at his lover who went on a vacation, for a weekend, and didn’t invite him. That is why he decided to do something that will hurt his lover, the way he was hurt, or even more. Someone’s vacation will be completely ruined when a tape with sexy gay boyfriends revenge adventure arrives at the right hotel.

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Martin’s friends always did suspect he’s a homo, and they set him up for a gay ex boyfriends revenge scene, they were itching to see if he will actually go for a cock offered to him, and they even spiced the deal up by sending him a great looking black homo to play with. The set up was a success and now we can all watch Martin as he uses his eager lips and tongue to please his big black partner, not knowing that this scene will end up as a gay ex boyfriends revenge amateur video showing how gay he actually is.

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