Amateur gay dick session caught by a hidden camera

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Wife of this guy couldn’t believe what she was watching, the camera she has bought for her husband was left running and now she’s got a video of her husband sucking a dick. That’s a gay boyfriends revenge material if I ever saw one, she mailed the full scene not asking for any payment at all as long as this scene ends up being published. Her wish came true and now gay boyfriends revenge is outing a secret homo who didn’t plan on anyone finding out about his sexual preference, but now it’s too late to hide and deny it.

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Nasty ex boyfriend gets his prank

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Nasty guy was pranking many people and it was only the matter of time when someone would pull a prank on him. He went into the bathroom, to take a shower, and his gay ex boyfriends revenge has started with a bucket of ice cold water that fell on his head, while he was trying to take his clothes off. He was shocked to realize that someone did the same thing to him, that he was doing to others, but that was just a beginning of his gay ex boyfriends revenge. A hidden camera was placed there, as well.

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Making a hot gay boyfriend revenge video

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Two gay guys have decided to make a homemade video of them having sex and name it "gay boyfriends revenge" because both of them have partners who have been naughty, lately. As their gay boyfriends revenge project was going as planned, they have realized that they actually liked all the fun they had together, so it looks like they will arrange another intimate party for two of them. There is nothing as good to spice sex up as the taste of a revenge to someone who made you sad or furious.

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Too big dildo for this ex bf tight ass hole

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Bad boys who are cheating on their lovers are supposed to be punished, one way or another, so this gay guy’s lover is about to do something very nasty to his ass hole. Knowing that his lover doesn’t like too big dildos stretching his ass hole, this guy has brought the biggest one he could buy, to spice up his gay ex boyfriends revenge plan. Once he turned his cheating boyfriend on, instead of fucking him from behind, he showed the dildo up his ass. This gay ex boyfriends revenge was just a beginning of the whole plan.

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Tomas finds two guys to heal his love wounds

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Ever since he found out that his boyfriend was cheating on him Tomas has been feeling rather down, and you can imagine how happy he was to hear about Gay Boyfriends Revenge project. While he did not have a homemade gay video of his partner to share with the world, he opted for a different approach, he’s gonna cheat as well, and not with one, but with two partners, both better looking and both with bigger dicks then his previous partner, he made a great gay boyfriends revenge three way sex scene.

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