Tomas finds two guys to heal his love wounds

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Ever since he found out that his boyfriend was cheating on him Tomas has been feeling rather down, and you can imagine how happy he was to hear about Gay Boyfriends Revenge project. While he did not have a homemade gay video of his partner to share with the world, he opted for a different approach, he’s gonna cheat as well, and not with one, but with two partners, both better looking and both with bigger dicks then his previous partner, he made a great gay boyfriends revenge three way sex scene.

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Latino gay boyfriend strikes back

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Doing an exciting 69 with his new lover was even more spicy for this Latino guy, because it was all part of his gay boyfriends revenge and it was all filmed. He was furious at his lover who went on a vacation, for a weekend, and didn’t invite him. That is why he decided to do something that will hurt his lover, the way he was hurt, or even more. Someone’s vacation will be completely ruined when a tape with sexy gay boyfriends revenge adventure arrives at the right hotel.

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Boyfriend takes revenge with a handjob under the shower

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While muscled guy was still under the shower, he got the idea how to get his gay boyfriends revenge right away. His best friend was about to be there, so once he showed up, muscled guy told him to get into the bathroom, with a camera. While his friend was giving him a handjob, muscled guy was holding the camera and filming every detail, for his gay boyfriends revenge video. Once they were done, the video was sent to muscled guy’s lover with a message that they were breaking up.

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Massage center has special services for cheating boyfriends

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In this massage center there are some special services and many of them are free for regular customers. One of those services is a deep blowjob by a hot twink who is very experienced in satisfying everyone’s desires. One day, a regular client asked him for that service, but he wanted to film it, as well, so he can send it to his partner as a part of his gay boyfriends revenge. Participating in a gay boyfriends revenge was something completely new for a massage guy, but he liked it a lot.

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Gay college party scene published as gay boyfriends revenge

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Dennis was suspecting his lover isn’t being completely faithful to him, but he had no evidence, until now, that is. A video came to his attention, shown by a friend, where his lover is sucking a teen guy off during a college gay party. If there ever was an excuse for a gay boyfriends revenge, this is it, and the revenge came in the form of the hardcore homo video being exposed on a site for people around the world to see, Dennis’s ex will think twice about cheating next time.

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